Upgrade to an SSD to Speed Up your PC or Laptop!

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Over the years our team have found many ways to speed up your computer, and from your typical desktop or tower PC to gaming rigs, laptops and Apple Mac’s one upgrade that we find should never be ignored are these fantastic Solid State Drives! Your typical Hard Drive uses mechanical components including a spinning disk (or, platter) with heads that read off the magnetic surface, even though these drives spin very quickly, from 5400RPM to 7200RPM or more there is always still a delay in which the drive has to locate and find each sector (or piece) of information from the drive. With Solid State technology, they do away with the mechanical components and just use several, very speedy memory chips to store your data. Because there are no moving parts these drives are generally much more reliable, and can access your data even 10x faster than a typical hard drive!

We have installed hundreds of these drives into customer computers and the result is always an extremely happy customer, who can’t believe that their computer runs better than when it was new. If you feel like you want to get in on the action, and give your PC the birthday it deserves, then head on in to our Cambridge store and ask for a Solid State Drive upgrade!

While you’re in, we can check over your computer and make sure there are no other issues causing the slow downs and give you the best approach to upgrading and speeding up your PC.

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