COVID-19 and How We Can Help

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To ensure our community is able to stay connected and keep their systems operating smoothly, in the wake of COVID-19 we are taking several steps to ensure everyone can be looked after, safely without stress. We are able to offer … Continued

iMac Repair in Cambridge

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Yes! We can fix Apple iMac’s too! If you’ve ever had issues with your iMac not starting up, maybe showing a Question Mark on the screen or going slow, we have the best solutions on offer to bring you back … Continued

Upgrading to Windows 10

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Microsoft’s latest offering Windows 10 brings a lot of brilliant new features to their operating system, most people will now be receiving messages on their computer advising them to upgrade, but is it the right decision for you? If you … Continued

Welcome to our new site

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As you may have noticed we’ve made some changes around the site, which we trust you will enjoy. Not to worry, all of the best bits of our site are still here, and we will be bringing you even more … Continued